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Welcome Home

I, Cory Owens, have requested the honor of your presence to celebrate the official launch of my personal online blog. A new home for all my writings. Strictly for Ideas that may have never lived, so my thoughts may never die. Poems, short song lyrics and words of encouragement; Inspirations derived from relationships of the past, present & future. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to enjoy these words and ideas. Please get comfortable. Free yourself of all distractions. Open your mind & get spiritually connected. The words here are important to me and very true to who I am as a person. Undoubtedly.

All photos on this page are either my own, or photos of my Love, Olivia, unless stated otherwise. Enjoy.

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You Were Always Right

I've changed a lot. I used to only see the good in people, that's all I would look for, that's all I would acknowledge, that's all that mattered to me.
In the past 5 years, I've started to notice the bad. I've started to recognize the ugly.
I've started to see the negativity and hatred.
My eyes and my mind was once so young, immature, but happy.
It was a different kind of happy. -open minded but unexposed.
Today I am happy, but the transition from that happy to this happy, the exposure, the change, was even uglier than the ugly I can see in people today. The things that I went through can only prepare me for a life that's meant to get better.
I'm happy now, not the same happy that I used to feel (yet) but a mature happy. It was something wonderful about unknowing and misunderstanding the world and people, that's what drove me to figure them out, but now that I know, now that I see the contrast, I have the option to be happy, when happiness was just a default in the past. Not only can I see the contrast, but I also hear it all around me. Negativity goes in one ear, and what used to pass through effortlessly, now lingers in the back of my head constantly. It's loud and apparent.
Negative conversation didn't make sense to me before and that was The Silence in Black and White.
Now it all makes sense. The choice is not an easy one to make, but I've chosen to be happy. I am happy. I will be happy.
The world, it filters itself for you as a child. But as you mature and progress, you must learn to filter the world.
Change has brought progress and progress has brought change. I see your negative energy, but I will recognize and feed from the positive, not only for my own benefit, but yours. We're not growing up. We're still kids. We haven't forgotten. We're just being distracted.
If you're looking for yourself, sure you're hard to find. Step back for a second. You're looking too closely, attempting to define yourself with what you see, forgetting that what you are seeing is not within you but without. The world is not you, but you have let it be for some time now because someone, somewhere in your lifetime has told you that it's not okay to be you. They were wrong. You were right. Why did you stop believing in yourself? You were always right.

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Is it hard, as a woman, to tell the difference between a genuine compliment, and desperate boys running game?
I think some guys feel that if they compliment a female, then they should be entitled to her time or body maybe even her responses to his texts and messages.
Well that just simply isn't true.
Those women don't owe us anything. We're not supposed to be rewarded or celebrated for being gentleman or practicing chivalry. If you get upset for not receiving the attention you're willing to give, then that just goes to show that your intentions aren't what you're making them out to be. We're supposed to be gentleman! We're supposed to practice chivalry! We're supposed to open doors, let ladies go first, give up our seats, compliment and make women feel like they can be worth something without the need to take off their clothes or sacrifice morals and time. Women still have the option to choose not to give us her time. These women are looking for security, not just physical security, but emotional, spiritual, perpetual. And it seems that many "men" are offering something more temporary. Inconsistency. If we can't take care of ourselves, or build something for ourselves, use our time wisely, and encourage other people, how do these women expect us to take care of them, build something for them, use their time wisely and encourage them? A lot of men are showing signs of weakness, and women will not secure themselves in weakness. How can a woman tell if we are genuine? We must be genuine with ourselves and our own lives. Your life deserves the same attention you're willing to give her. Maybe then, she will see some potential in conversing with you.

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It seems that I am at a loss of words.
Your breathing has me breathless
and your loving will have me loveless,
for all of it will be given to you.

There's something about you...
What? I'm not too sure.
I feel no need to worry
because your heart seems to endure.
Damaged, broken, hurting;
still there is no need to cure.
In clarity and in certainty,
it's twenty-eight, it's strong, it's pure.

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I feel like crying. There's this sadness in my soul.. & I can hide it; I usually do. I could let my emotions sleep, lay them under the covers, or I could express them in a manner that they could be perceived as happiness, contentment. But I am furthest from content. I'm not okay with the way people are living their lives. Why do I want so much for so many people that I don't care about? What I mean is: It's not a "people" that I don't care about. It's more of an idea that we, as "people", are individual, assuming that there is no particular need for one to rely on another. A "people" does not exist spiritually, because a "people" is more so a collective of singularities. Yesterday never existed and neither will tomorrow. Neither here nor there, not mine, not yours, not ours. The things of this world are concrete & possessive. But the mind should be abstract, vague, yet it's been conditioned to be specific, tangible, palpable, without regarding spirit.
I believe what I am experiencing is an absence of spirit in my encounters, interactions with "people" who have forgotten their worth as God. As "God" I do not mean one being or powerful "person" but more of a connection from one soul to the next, uninterrupted, successive, perpetual. Progressive, incessant, endless.

By competing with each other, we become our own enemies and lose.
By being supportive, encouraging, we win every time.

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You can spend Money. You can spend Time. You can spend Quality Time.
One of these forbids the use of cell phones and social media.
One of these I can guarantee she already has.
One I can guarantee she doesn't have much of.

She wants to experience a spiritual connection to you.
She doesn't need you to only be there for her physically.
Her inbox is probably full of people who are willing to be physically there.

The quality is the "understanding". The quality is the "communication". The quality is respect, listening, hearing, reciprocating, consent, face to face (not face to phone), soul to soul (not just man to woman). The quality in the relationship is the relation.

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For a Moment

I would place the palm of my hand on your left cheek, while you lie on your side. My fingers on your ear, and my thumb sliding across your eyebrow. open your eyes and look at me. I put my hand behind your neck and pull your face closer to me as I move mine at an equal speed; your ear and my mouth become close in distance. I strategically place small strands of hair behind your ear and whisper "good night, I could love you forever" then as I move away, I'll grab the bottom of your ear with my lips. Kiss your cheek, then the corner of your chin, then the corner of your mouth until my face has aligned with yours. With my fingers at your scalp, I'll pull your forehead down to my lips. Kiss it. Navigate to the tip of your nose, Kiss that, playfully teasing your lips I'll pass them and aim for your chin, so that your lips kiss my nose all while massaging your scalp, then, again I'll place my palm on your cheek and kiss you several times, each kiss shorter than the last until finally I pause for a moment... with your upper lip between mine I'll pull it into my mouth and release it slowly. Slowly, slowly.. And I'll do the same to the bottom. again, releasing slowly. Slowly, slowly.. And I will stare into your eyes for a moment.

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The Composition

A pair of strong hands on your back and your shoulders, your thighs and your feet. And potentially a few other places. A massage you'd never dreamt of because you've had no idea one could be so ...precise; thorough, and passionate with the physical connection of one body to another - a massage that would last an hour if not more, that would lead to a relaxed, comfortable sleep, then I'd wake you up with soft pleasures, your body, at its most, sensitive to every touch of my fingers, my lips, my tongue, my breath. Hair-raising stimulation.

Your body - an instrument: I'd graze your areola like a violin, the thump of your heart will resonate through your body like the bass of a kick drum, a smack on your assets crack through the air like lightening; an impact like a crash or a snare. Run my tongue on your lips, like a wet finger along the rim of a fine wine glass.

I could compose a song on you with these lips, with these hands.
Every inch of your body plays a part in this band.
I'll speak to those legs like I'm armed to record.
And I'll plug in my instruments to your mixing board.
On your side, then your back, girl I'd turn you around.
Then I'll mix and I'll master 'till you're sonically sound.
Some of me, some of you, what a beautiful ratio.
And our song is a banger, too explicit for radio.

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Outfits by Cory Owens

Outfits with pieces from major brands. This Lookbook should give you a general idea of the goal I am working to achieve with the Minimalist Apparel Lookbook for The Label Lust. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Click either of the links above to go directly to the original posts and view higher resolution photo uploads of the outfits.

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Hey beautiful.
I've been thinking.
About all the times I've sinned.
Would you forgive me?
Hello gorgeous.
I constantly think about your smooth, silky skin.
Do you feel me?
Hi lovely.
I've been hurt in the past,
But I might be again.
Could you heal me?
Good morning my love.
How far would you go
To leave all your fake friends
For a real me?
If I told you I would die for you, baby
Would you kill me?

Would you lie in the covers, leer me to your bed.
Would you poison those thighs and let me give you head
Would you choke me romantically; my neck in your legs.
Would you kill me with pleasure,
Or do I have to beg?

Will you sit on my shoulders and tug at my hair,
Squeeze your thighs on my cheeks while I'm seeking for air.
Dig your feet in my spine,
Scratch my back to a tear,
Could you yell baby? loud,
just to make sure Im there?

Go slow, turn the fan up
Your touch is a flame
I'll buckle up Baby
Just drive me insane!
Let's break all the rules
Don't stay in your lane.
Colliding head-first
Is the best kind-of pain.

I've thought of you every day; my Sugar, my Honey.

So let me know baby.
How bad do you want me?

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I've been thinkin' about you.

Shorty, you don't need permission. I sense Intuition.
Let me rid you of your tension, reciprocal inhibition.
You can talk and I can listen. No presupposition.
No need for definition, your intention is explicit
& the words you fail to mention, I sense in disposition.
I sense your repetition when you stiffen your ambition.
The pain is your addiction. Putting in work for low commission.
I can tell you're bustin' baby, come 'n' get this recognition.
& I can tell you're in submission, so put me in position.
No need for inquisition, you ain't got no competition
& you don't need supervision & we don't need intermission.
If we stop, that's your decision but I prefer the collision.
Baby I've got your devotion & you've got my attention.
Break away from your tradition baby this is your audition.
My performance is musician, sex is composition.
To my body your addition, admit one for no permission.

I've been thinkin' about you.

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How I fancy the bespoke of your lips, oh the candle in your eyes. I could kiss your lips, then taste them, licking anti-clockwise. An Anorak, I am. Maybe plastered or a ponce. But I'm up for it although once bitten, I could love you more than once. The existence of my heart is felt every time we speak. And that fire in your eyes will melt me, when we finally meet.

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Hole In Your Heart

Although I've found you, I found you on a strange day.
Although I've found you, I found you in a strange place.
But nothing's going to change
Because there's a Hole in your Heart

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I am known to love deeply; for my love is perpetual.
You won't fall, but I'll stand just in case I must catch you.
And the gravity insists, that it rides on your shoulders,
As I pray to thy Lord, "would you please let me hold her",
An avalanche, your white skin tumbling upon me.
Now frozen we blend; like vanilla and honey.
An ice cream; delicious, and we are the recipe.
Like cocoa and marshmallows, it seems that we're meant to be.
But your heart has been tortured
And it's shallow from bleeding.
So be careful my love, I am known to love deeply.

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How to Write a Song

If I knew how to write a song
I'd write one everyday
It would say that I'm in love with you
And why I feel this way

It would have to say you're pretty
And as rare as a desert rose
It would say you are a looker
From your head down to your toes

You are funny, dainty, fragile
And as feminine as can be
You're smart charming lovely
And everything to me

You're my comfort when I'm lonely
You're my peace when I need rest
Of all the women I've known
I must say that you're the best.

You're the orchard in the jungle,
You're the better half of me
You're all of this and so much more,
you mean the world to me

Still so much is left unsaid,
It would take me far to long
I know how much I love you,
If only I could write a song.

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Rainy Day

They Killing trees n shit
Make it harder to breathe n shit
Like who they tryin to please n shit
I dont think we really even gonna need the shit
And I don't wanna be alive
But I don't really wanna die
And I don't really wanna cry
I don't want to say goodbye to the ones that deserve me here
I don't really want to feel like this
I don't really want to live like this
I don't really want to kill like this
I dont wanna die with it still like this
But I don't wanna be alone
And I don't wanna be a clone
I'm talkin robotic
And I don't want to hide
And make them use them drones
Just to find my body
I just wanna live
I wanna know what's real
& I dont want to hide the way I feel
Don't wanna break no seal
No bruise no cuts
Underneath my skin
Nothin Hidden within
I just wanna express shit
Do fresh shit
I wanna do the best shit
I want to Correct shit
Protest shit
& tell em how I feel
about this girl
This world this war
And how we treat her so bad
And how we do her so wrong
It won't last
it wont last so long
Before she fight back
Baby girl fight back
Baby you're so strong
Baby you can fight back
I can tell youre strong

Fight back.

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I'm a man that dreams of real love. A love that no distance could ever separate. But I do have priorities and I must focus and tend to my ideas and current situations.
I may have made tremendous progress in my life, I may be honest; humble; loving, but I am unstable and I refuse to be selfish. (...)

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Attention could be a currency in our society.
Because time is valuable;
But before I pay attention;
I will be sure to check the price.

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I woke up this morning thinking to myself, "What a wonderful day!".
And I am going to do the same thing tomorrow and the next day.

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I don't want to get too high.
I don't want to smoke all night.
I just want to cost, just turn on the coast girl.
I wanna take it slow. We ain't gotta go nowhere.
I just wanna sit right here.
I can't see a damn thing in my rear.
I just wanna wait right here.
I can hear a damn thing in my ear.
Turn off the radio. I don't really need it
Gotta listen close. I wanna hear you breathe in.
Focus on the details. I wanna hear you exhale.
Girl I just wanna chill. You ain't gotta tell me how you feel.
I can smell the lotion in your lust. I can sense emotion in your touch

I see you bought into the lies.
You never did open up your eyes,
you opened your heart and now it's filled up with these scars
'cause somebody tore it apart.
I know that it's hard to put it together
when you have no idea where to restart,
with so many pieces that lie on the ground.
That's why it is making no sound.
You gave it to niggas who took it for granted,
mistreated it, kicked it and passed it around
(as if it were loud).
These feelings were so overpriced.
What a surprise, these niggas had you paying taxes
and they were still fucking their exes.
Them niggas were looking for taxis
and you were just looking for exits
and even though you have escaped,
I know it's been harder to sleep.
I know it's been harder to weep.
A lot on your plate, but it's even harder to eat
and now you done started to drink.
I'm starting to think that your life is moving too fast
and you can't let go of the past.
You had the worst temporary relationships;
The ones that you wanted to last.
Now you live life with no trust.
You don't seem to go with your gut;
been hit by a bus.
You can't fall asleep. You cant fall in love
unless you lay right next to me.
Girl I want you right next to me
and I just want us to slow down.
I want this moment to last 'cause
I want you love to be a part of me
and not just a part of my past.

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A Phone Call From Heaven

I don't mean to force my beliefs upon you, as I assume that God has recreated Heaven within the body of a Woman so that some day, one man could experience Heaven on Earth for the extent of his existence.

As I lie in this bed, built for two, without you,
I imagine those full lips, soft and tempur-pedic,
warm & conformed to the curve of my neck,
as we experience a balance of opposites;

Your skin against mine, your hands on my spine,
our legs intertwined, our love so divine.
I can't wait till I get it, oh I hate to admit it.
The moments we'd cherish without sex until marriage.

I'll do what it takes, baby you won't forget it,
I'll be loyal and honest as my heart is committed.
You could call bullshit, that's okay, I don't mind.
But I'd prefer for you to give me a call sometime.

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I'm not afraid of failure. I'm afraid of succeeding at things that don't matter.

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Fair Love, Let Us Go Dine

Fair Love, let us go dine -
Fair Love, let us go pleye -
Apples be ripe in my gardayne;
I shall thee clothe in a new array;
Thi meat shall be milk, sweet honey, and wine.
Fair Love, My Fair Love, let us go dine.

This was my attempt of inviting her to lunch.

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There is no end to Love.

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So you want to know what I've been up to? There's a link that takes you directly to my main website which is currently (still) being updated until we officially go online. What you see there; think of it as a portfolio of my life, my God-given talents, and my passion: Art.